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- Vestervik area is the western most point in the Harparskog-line (H-position). This is where the defensive line starts or ends. It just depends how you want to think of it. The area west from here is nearly open sea, with just few islands before the Hiittinen area. The Fort Örö is located in that general area and it did participate to the battles in Hanko Front, by firing with its heavy and super-heavy battery. Especially the fort distinguished itself in the Battle of Bengtskär. The reinforcements for the battle left from the Fort Örö and the guns of the fort were in use during the battle.

- Some forty to fifty years ago the Vestervik area has been a very interesting place to visit and that is still the case. The inventory made by the Finnish Defence Forces states, that in 1955 the coast artillery position number 70 was in good shape and that can be confirmed also in 2006. The position which has two open gun positions for a 76/50 gun, concrete accommodation bunker for a half-platoon, two ammunition bunkers, two AA-machine gun positions and a floodlight position can be still found from the area in nearly a perfect condition. Of course time has started to take its toll on concrete, but otherwise the coast artillery position is a rather impressive sight.

- The view from the cliffs is still great and it is not hard to come by the answer, why this particular place was chosen for the massive structure numbered as 70. You can see all the way to the Hanko Cape from here. The two guns located in these cliffs have been able to cover the western flank very effectively, which is also visible in the fortification map. The view from the cliffs towards the island of Horsön where heavy battles were fought during the summer of 1941 is also nearly without any obstacles.

War has started. There is no need for the border formalities anymore

- Today the area where structure 70 is located, contains a lot of summer cottages. The whole coast artillery position is located in the various summer cottage yards. So if there is summer residents around, you absolutely need to ask permission from them, before exploring the structures. Because the whole position is located in the yards of the various summer cottages, we couldn't locate it on our first trip to the area. Only after a person who knows very well the history of Hanko Cape area, confirmed that the whole position has been there in the 1980's and in 1990's and that it is nearly impossible to destroy it completely, we were able to find the whole coast artillery position.

- The other structures in the area are located mainly in the Björkvik peninsula. The structures there according to the tactical map symbols would have been machine gun bunkers or dugouts. Clear dugout remains can be still found from the area, especially on the opposite side of the small scar, which is also visible in the map. Behind of these remains is the accommodation dugout remains of structure 420. This structure has survived remarkably well all through the years.

- Structure 600, which according to the map symbols was accommodation bunker or dugout, is rather hard to find from the area. This is always the case, when you are searching only one structure from the terrain. In sixty years the dead leaves and other organic material has sloped the shape of the structures very much and thus recognizing a single accommodation dugout from a dense forest is sometimes a matter of fate than anything else.

- Even when the fortification map suggest that anti-tank obstacle line was at least planned to a certain locations in the shoreline, these remains cannot be found with full certainty.

- My own personal notes below are based on the situation in the defensive line, during the years 2005 and 2006.

Construction series with two numbers

- The only structure in the area, which was numbered with two numbers, was the structure 70. It is a rather massive coast artillery position, which was armed with a two coastal artillery guns. Additionally ammunition storages and accommodation areas were made from concrete.



Fortification card


70, a, b, c, d, e & f


The coast artillery position is still in excellent condition, but is located completely in the yards of the various summer cottages.


Construction series 4xx

- Structures numbered starting with a number four in the Vestervik area formed a rather consistent position. Two of the positions were marked to the fortification map as a machine gun nest and the third position served as an accommodation dugout. All of these structures can be found from the area, although not in the exact form which is indicated by the fortification map.



Fortification card





402 No  
420 No The remains have survived remarkably well.


Construction series 6xx

- The only construction in the Vestervik area from the construction series numbered starting with the number six, was the structure 600. It was planned to be accommodation bunker/dugout capable of accommodating twenty men inside.



Fortification card




 Cannot be found from the area with a full certainty.

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