"And so they stayed five months in front of the encirclement of Hanko, extinguishing forest fires, fixing roads, digging anti-tank obstacles and pitfalls, building barbed wire obstacles, lying in mortar fire, sitting in their dugouts, died simply and quiet, just like they had lived. They only wished that the war could be brought into a victorious ending, so that they could live peacefully for years, wished to get back to home alive and hoped to have time away from the frontline often"

(Adolf Molnár telling about his own battalion in the book, Teasing the encirclement of Hanko)





"Our battalion stayed five months in front of Hanko. Often people are smiling to the Hanko Front, one time I even heard about the rest home of Hanko. Perhaps the Hanko Front was just a rest home - perhaps not; it  all depends how you look at it. The war fought in the area of Hanko, was a war of nerves. There you had to wait, wait and still wait. So what were you suppose to wait? Assault, starving the encirclement, making it ready to surrender? No one knew - but we just waited"

(Adolf Molnár telling about the Hanko front in his book, Teasing the encirclement of Hanko)

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