Spjutböle area

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- Area of Spjutböle contains only two structures, which were part of the Harparskog-line. The distance to the main defensive line near of the Vitsjön is only two kilometers. The lack of any additional positions or structures this close to the main defensive line is explained by the fact that this direction wasn't thought to be too important.

- The direction of the main road (Leksvall road) and the railroad were the most important ones and that can be seen when looking at the map of Harparskog area. The only usable road in the area and the direction of railroad, have been closed effectively with the defensive structures. Area of Spjutböle even today does not offer too many decent roads and this was the case also in the 1940's, as most of the roads in the area have been marked with broken line to the map, meaning a vehicle path. The problem with the roads is even multiplied during thaw.

- The structure 203 according to the map symbol was a dugout, which could protect from shrapnel. Also it could have accommodated forty men. There is no single structure this size, which could have accommodated a forty men. However the intersection which can be seen on the north side of the structure, contains at least two dugout remains. These are badly covered and the erosion has consumed the shape of the dugout remains nearly totally.

Men from the Gun Company of the Coastal Battalion 1, being moved out from the Hanko front and to the Eastern front. The above unit was moved on mid-August 1941 from Hanko front to the Bay of Vyborg

- Structure 461 was a command post. It is located inside a military area and impossible to visit or to photograph. Taking in account the fact that it is still inside a military area, some constructions were most likely completed during 1940 to 1941. Other fortification maps drawn during or shortly after the war, which can be found from the history of Hanko Group from the Military Archives of Finland, also show command post to this location. 

- The picture on this page shows the men from the Gun Company of the Coastal Battalion 1 being moved out from the Hanko Front and to the Bay of Vyborg. The picture is from my personal collection. The Coastal Battalion 1 participated to the battles in the island group of Hästö. In 1981 the veterans of the battalion installed a memorial plaque to the island of Hästö. There is also a memorial plaque for the fallen comrades from the "Yellow Regiment" in Suomenlinna Sea Fortress. The Coastal Battalion 1 was one of the basic units of the "Yellow Regiment", meaning the Coastal Regiment 2.

- The code names for the bunkers are either Finnish man or female names or animals.

- My own personal notes below are based on the situation in the defensive line, during the years 2005 and 2006.

Construction series 2xx

- 203 is the only structure in this area from the series starting with a number two. It was an accommodation dugout, capable of protecting from shrapnel.



Code name

Fortification card


203 Oskari


Only shallow pits can be seen in the area today.


Construction series 4xx

- From the construction series starting with a number four, 461 was the only one in Spjutböle area. It was a command post and is today located inside a military area.



Code name

Fortification card





Inside a military area. Not possible to visit or to photograph. Keep out!

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