Skåldö area

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- Nearly half of the fortifications in Skåldö area are located in two islands. Not much remains from the structures can be found from these places. There is only one single pit in Svedjeholmen and a small communication trench line. The pit in question is the structure 442, which was a machine gun nest, judging from the remains. The firing direction of the structure is similar to the firing direction showed in the fortification map. There are no other structures in the island. There have been civilian structures in the island of Svedjeholmen during the war, which could have provided accommodation for the troops. Due to this starting the construction of the structures 451 and 452, would have been nearly useless in a situation, where the armed structures in the first line were not completed.

- You can get into the Svedjeholmen even with a big boat from the west side of the island, where the water is three meters deep. I would however recommend that you leave the island alone, because all that there is regarding Harparskog-line, are shown in the pictures of this presentation. There are no other structures and this was also confirmed by a one summer resident of Svedjeholmen.

- The second island in the area is Skallholmen. The island is a private property, so the same recommendation applies to this island as for the Svedjeholmen. For the trip that we made to the island for this presentation, we got permission from one summer resident of the island. We couldn't confirm whether or not the structures 444 and 455 were ever build, because there is a summer cottage in the area. It is however most probable, that neither of the structures were ever constructed. The tip of the island can be observed from the mainland side so closely, that it is easy to confirm that at least no mining job has been performed at the tip of the island, to where these two structures have been marked in the map.

Field gun in a fire position near the railroad

- If the islands contain only very few remains, the same applies also to the structures in the mainland. Clearly the most interesting structure is the gun position 74, a & b. The position has been fully operational and manned during the war. Apparently the gun position has been also photographed during the war. When one compares the scenery of the wartime picture to the present day scenery, one can point out several similarities. The condition of the position is a rather bad one. Water and mud has taken over both of the positions. A tree even grows in the middle of the second position.

- Emptying the structures with a voluntary work wouldn't probably be an impossible task and there have been some discussions with a local resident about this. The same local resident could also confirm, that the observation and fire control nest, which have been marked behind of the gun position in the map, has really existed. The structure was a fire control tower (eldledningstorn). A local villager however demolished the tower after the war, as it was dangerous to the local children. Apparently the tower has been a triangle shaped and the iron reinforcements of the tower can be still found from the rock.

- My own personal notes below are based on the situation in the defensive line, during the years 2005 and 2006.

Construction series with two numbers

- The structures numbered with two numbers in Skåldö area, were gun positions. From these two positions the number 74, a & b, was occupied during the war. Also the construction of number 49 have been at least started, but not completely finished.



Fortification card





74, a & b Yes The position was manned during the war. The current state of the position is very weak.


Construction series 4xx

- All of the positions in the Skåldö area, if you exclude the gun positions, were numbered starting with a number four. Because there are thirteen structures in total, the variation between the structures is rather huge.



Fortification card


442 No


443 No  
444 No  
451 No Structure with the same number can be found from the Harparskog area.
452 No Structure with the same number can be found from the Harparskog area.
453 No Structure with the same number can be found from the Harparskog area.
454 No Structure with the same number can be found from the Harparskog area.
455 No Structure with the same number can be found from the Harparskog area.
456 No  
457 No  
458 No  
462 No  
463 No  


Other constructions in the defensive line


Name Note

Dugout remains


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