Prästkulla area

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- The fortifications in the Prästkulla area are located five kilometers away from the borderline of the Soviet rental area of Hanko. According to the map symbols only accommodation bunkers/dugouts were planned to the area. This is completely understandable, as the area was clearly a background area of Harparskog-line.

- Only in the eastern parts of the defensive line, there's places where the distance to the borderline of the rental area has been greater. There however Harparskog-line has been meant to be the first line. The area of Prästkulla on the other hand is protected by the fortifications in the area of Vimonböle, Långstrand and Pargas. The enemy would have needed to breakthrough these fortifications first, before reaching the Prästkulla area.

- The troops however were supposed to keep the enemy inside the rental area and stop them in the borderline. It would have been a catastrophe if the enemy could have breached the Harparskog-line and advanced into the mainland. This would have meant that the frontline would have been stretched to such a length, that it would have not been possible to defend it effectively with the troops on hand.

1941 - 17th Division

- If the Russians could have breakthrough in the area of Hanko, the history writing would look quite different. For Finland it is good that the Russians remained relatively passive and the troops never faced such a situation. Attacking and occupying islands west and east of Hanko Cape did however aim to get a firm foothold from the mainland for the Russian troops.

- Because the area is a background area of Harparskog-line, there isn't much of remains from different structures. Additionally the farmhouses, which are located in the area and still stand there, offered enough accommodation areas for the troops. The priority for constructing structures to the background areas has been also a low one. The most important thing has been to get the first line heavily fortified. When everything would have been ready there, the fortifying job for the background areas would have started also.

- The code names for the bunkers are either Finnish man or female names or animals.

- My own personal notes below are based on the situation in the defensive line, during the years 2005 and 2006.

Construction series 1xx

- The only structure in the Prästkulla area, which was numbered starting with a number one was a dressing station. No single structure can be found from the area, which would have been constructed just for the dressing station.


Number Code name Fortification card Note


Pöllö No Dressing station.


Construction series 2xx

- All of the structures, which have been numbered starting with a number two, were accommodation bunkers/dugouts. There isn't too much difference between the structures, when looking at the fortification map. Some were planned to be a bit stronger structures and some to just to protect against shrapnel. Additionally a shelter for anti-tank gun was planned to each of the structures.


Number Code name Fortification card Note
245 Susi No Two dugout remains can be found right next to the road.
251 Kissa No  
253 Varis No  
254 Särki No There is two huge structure remains in the area, from which one has been nearly completely destroyed.

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