- This page contains collection of comments, stories and memories from the Harparskog-line or from the Hanko Front generally speaking, sent by the visitors of this site. Permission from the writer has been asked to all of the texts. Names and other references to actual persons have been removed, if the original writer has wished so.

- I have not added my own replies or other correspondence to these texts. Parts of the texts are also personal opinion of the writer. The main purpose for this part of the site, is to use this as a storage, for such a memories and opinions, which might not be found from the official documents. The original Harparskog-line presentation has not been edited over again, based on these texts.

- I want to thank all those persons, who have sent additional texts!


Harparskog-line in general (Pekka Silvast)

The area of Bredvik and Section Bromarv ("Summer resident")


Construction of a bunker has been just started


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