Grundsund area

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- The Grundsund area contains fortifications, which are located closest to the Soviet rental area of Hanko, than in any other area of Harparskog-line. If you start walking from the structures 410, a & b, and 41, b, towards the eastern part of the area, this closeness of enemy becomes quite clear.

- The closer you get to the structures 412 and 413, the more heavily reinforced the structures start to be. Also there is constantly more and more defensive positions and finally the shoreline which is facing towards the once Russian held islands of Bengtsår Prästön and Gråön is full of defensive positions. Also ordinary dugouts and positions dug into the soil hasn't been enough, but most of the positions are mined into a solid rock.

- The area definitely has not been a nice place to be stationed at during the existence of Hanko Front. The enemy has been so close that you could have even almost thrown a rock to their island. The Bromarv section to which this area belonged to during the encirclement of Hanko, suffered the heaviest casualties from all of the different sections. This is partly explained by the many heavy islands battles in the area, but one explanation is also this closeness of enemy. The fortification work also has been continuing even during the war time, as so much has been mined to the areas where not much was done before the hostilities started in June 1941.

Finnish forces and Swedish volunteers moving to the frontline

- There's plenty to see in this area, but if you are in a hurry I would suggest that you at least take a look at the structures 411 and 410, a & b, which are located at the tip of the peninsula which faces the island of Prästön. Nearby is also a large quarry from where the Hangö Granit mined stones during the years 1886 to 1940 when it was forced to evacuate from Hanko. It is a massive quarry and you surely cannot miss it and the chock of stones, which stretches to the sea, forming almost a bridge to the island of Prästön.

- Otherwise I suggest that you take something to eat and drink and walk through the whole line here. I think it gives an interesting insight to many of the areas and how those might have looked, if there would have been more money and time to construct the Harparskog-line. You can leave your car near of the structure 411 and after the structure 410, a & b, start to follow the road. The gun position 41, a, is located on a tall hill right next to the main road in the area. After this position you can start to follow the shoreline, which offers nice views to the sea and towards Hanko Cape itself. There isn't too may houses in the area, so you can walk rather freely. No use of trying to use the car, as the road is blocked before the area where structure 41 is supposed to be located. The northern route to the area is also useless, as the road there is a private road. During the autumn, winter and spring the road also isn't passable to an ordinary car.

- You can eat your sandwiches near of the gun position 71 and admire the view to Hanko Cape. If you close your eyes, you can still hear the sounds of artillery guns firing from the Bromarv area, while the men are sweating, cursing and constructing these monuments of war, which are now left for us to be taken care of and to remembered for. 

- My own personal notes below are based on the situation in the defensive line, during the years 2005 and 2006.

Construction series with two numbers

- The structures, which have been numbered with just two numbers in the Grundsund area were gun positions. From the total four separate gun positions, only one would seem to not have been constructed. All of the other positions can be found from the area in a rather good condition.


Number Fortification card Note
41 Yes Cannot be found from the area.
41, a No  
41, b No  
71 Yes  


Construction series 4xx

- There is a lot of variation between the structures numbered starting with a number four in the Grundsund area. Some structures were at least planned to be just accommodation bunkers/dugouts, while some were machine gun bunkers and nests. Additionally the rather rare structure of accommodation bunker/dugout with an machine gun cupola was planned to the area, but would not seem to be ever really started. Nearly all of the structures can be found from the area in a various state of readiness.


Number Fortification card Note
410, a & b No  
411 No Located near of the quarry from where Hangö Granit mined stones from 1886 to 1940.
412 Yes  
413 Yes  
426 No  
427 No  
428 No Cannot be located with full certainty.


Construction series 6xx

- None of the structures numbered starting with a number six can be found from the area. The most probable explanation for this is, that these were located behind of the main defensive line and were not deemed as highest priority because of that.


Number Fortification card Note
602 No Cannot be found from the area.
603 No Cannot be found from the area.


Other constructions in the defensive line


Name Note
Mined defensive positions  
Defensive positions The big dugout remains is in excellent condition.
AA-machine gun position  
Dugout remains No. 1 Several dugout remains, which are in good condition.
Dugout remains No. 2  
Mined machine gun position No. 1  
Mined machine gun position No. 2 Biggest of the three machine gun positions. Might be also the AA-machine gun position.
Mined machine gun position No. 3  

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