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- The area of Björkkulla contained only one dressing station according to the fortification map. The fact that there aren't nearly any fortifications in the area, is explained by the fact that this is a background area in Harparskog-line. Second thing is that the roads in the area were not very good in the 1940's or even today. Any larger attack through the area would have been very difficult. These same issues explain also the fact, why there is few fortifications in the area of Spjutböle. Additionally the Finnish army evaluated that the direction of the railway and the main road (Leksvall road) would be the most probable attack directions from the Russian side.

Succesful attack against a Russian observation tower

- The dressing station cannot be found from the area. There is at least one probable dugout remains in the area, but it is a way too small to be a dressing station. Next to the road, which leads to the structure 201, is several dugout remains. Additionally there is a one huge remains, which is a too big to be a dugout remains. The remains is big enough, that it could have been the foundation of a tent or some other temporary structure. The dressing station might have operated in that location or then in some of the farmhouses in the area.

- My own personal notes below are based on the situation in the defensive line, during the years 2005 and 2006.

Construction series 2xx

- The only numbered structure in the Björkkulla area was a dressing station. The structure cannot be found from the area.



Fortification card




 The dressing station cannot be found from the place where the map indicates it to be.


Other constructions in the defensive line


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Dugout remains


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