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- If you started to browse through this presentation and become acquainted with the Harparskog-line from the Vestervik area and advanced the areas in order, you have now arrived to the end of the Harparskog-line. I can tell you, that it is much faster to get familiar with the defensive line by looking at the pictures than walking through the whole line.

- The area of Baggön is a good place to end this online tour of Harparskog-line, because there aren't many fortifications in the area. The explanation for this is quite simple. The distance to the closest Russian held islands is over ten kilometers. From all of the Harparskog-line, the area of Baggön has been located farthest away from the enemy troops. Because of this, there hasn't been any real hurry to build permanent fortifications. It would have required the capture of numerous islands for the enemy troops to advance close to the area of Baggön. Additionally the huge island of Älgö (Elgö) is located in between of the Russian lines and the area of Baggön. The Russians would have needed to capture the island completely, before continuing the attack towards Baggön and to the mainland.

- When you look at the map of the Hanko Cape area, it would look like the western side of the Hanko Cape would have offered an easier attack route for the Russian troops. There is much fewer islands on the western side and capturing few key islands would have progressed the attack significantly. Additionally the borderline of the Soviet rental area of Hanko went very close to the areas of Vestervik, Bredvik and Grundsund. After capturing these areas the attack could have continued towards Bromarv and mainland.

The land front in the Hanko Cape, with its eastern most point

- The structure numbering in the area of Baggön is strange in some parts. The structure numbers 459 and 460 can be found also in other parts of the Harparskog-line. Structure 459 can be also found from the Vitsand area and structure 460 from the Harparskog area. Both of these structures were planned to be accommodation bunkers/dugouts. From these two only the remains from the structure 459 can be found from the area.

- From the other structures in the area of Baggön, only some slight remains can be found from the structure 465 in the area where the map indicates it to be. It is not however just a single structure, but a several small positions. The firing direction for these positions is the same with the planned one. Clearly the task for this structure has been to defend against an attack coming towards the left flank of the defensive line. The difficulty of this attack route however has affected to the fact, why the eastern most point of the line has not been even planned to be anchored with massive fortifications. When you compare the fortification, which is located in the westernmost tip of the line, this difference is very clear.

- I hope you have enjoyed your tour on the Harparskog-line. I am most confident that something has been left missing from the presentation. It is nearly impossible task for just two people to search through the defensive line thoroughly. In this, I need Your help. I would be very grateful if people could send some short descriptions about additional fortifications, which are not shown in this presentation. Every discovery is a valuable one and you can send a note to me even from the tiniest discoveries. Additionally if possible, it would be a good thing to mark the location of the fortification to the map.

- The map link below is a good tool for informing the locations. The coordinates are displayed in the upper right corner of the map screen. When you click the area where the possible fortification is located, the coordinates are displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. These coordinates are enough to inform the location, if you cannot use any other map. You can zoom in and out by using the + and - buttons next to the map. The arrows in the edges of the map, move the map so you can find the correct location.

Citizen's MapSite - National Land Survey of Finland

- Descriptions can be sent to be to the following address:

- My own personal notes below are based on the situation in the defensive line, during the years 2005 and 2006.

Construction series 4xx

- There is two types in the structures which has been numbered starting with a number four. The structures 464 and 465 were supposed to be machine gun bunkers/dugouts at least in the planning stages. Structures 459 and 460 were accommodation bunkers/dugouts. None of these structures were constructed according to the plan.



Fortification card


459 No

 Structure with the same number can be found from the Vitsand area.

460 No Structure with the same number can be found from the Harparskog area.
464 No  
465 No  

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